Monday, January 12, 2009

Why can't I see the Big Dipper during the day?

One day I went to my cousin's party. When I came home, I saw the Big Dipper outside. It was outside. It was above me. The stars sparkled. It was fine and pretty too. Then I went inside for dinner. The next morning when the sun came up I ate my breakfast and went outside. When I looked I couldn't see the Big Dipper. Why can't I see the Big Dipper in the day time?

Stars do glow (send light) during the day but we can't see them because of the glare of sunlight. When the sun is up, the blue color in sunlight gets scattered all over the atmosphere turning the sky the familiar blue colour. This blue light is much brighter than the faint light coming from the stars, so it prevents us from seeing them. If you were standing on the Moon, for instance, where there is no atmosphere, you would see the stars both during the day and night.

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